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Sponsorships offer a tried and tested formula that benefit both the automotive enthusiast and the parts specialist. When it comes to putting your stamp on your car, nothing comes close to free or heavily discounted parts, likewise, nothing beats first-hand experience and personal recommendations for product and brand exposure. For these reasons, we at TEGIWA are happy to offer sponsorships to individuals whom we believe share our vision and believes, as well as our appreciation for the modified scene. Sponsorships like this, allow you, the enthusiast, to enjoy our quality product offering at little to no cost, while exposing our products and brand to your friends and fellow community. If you are interested in a sponsorship for your vehicle, simply fill in the application form below.

Personal Information

Clubs & Social Media

Vehicle Information

We kindly ask that you include at least four high-resolution photos, ideally you will be able to provide us with the following; front and rear exterior, side profile photos (both left & right), one overall engine bay, one overall interior shot.

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Events & Press

Terms & Conditions

I will send TEGIWA quality, high-resolution photos of my products once fitted.

I will NOT sell my products for at least one year after recieving them.

I understand that I will be a brand ambassador for TEGIWA and will represent them in a positive manner both on and offline.

TEGIWA reserve the right to reject sponsorship proposals.

All information will be kept confidential between TEGIWA and myself.

I agree to the terms and conditions.